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Seeing Yourself in the Villain

illustration of person looking in mirror - reflection is a monster
You might feel especially drawn to stories with a villain who resembles you.

Public Health Messages About Losing Weight Can Have Undesired Effects

illustration of plus size model receiving thumbs up from a man and woman
Many health experts say that diets don’t work in the long run, but this message may have unintended consequences.

The Appeal of Sexism to the Romantically Insecure

Asian man and woman
Emotionally distant men in romantic relationships tend to have greater beliefs that women are manipulative and power-hungry.

To Change Moral Opinions, Use Moral Arguments

Close up Abraham Lincoln Statue at Memorial monument Washington DC
Opinions that are based on moral principles can be very difficult to change, unless persuasive messages make a moral argument.

Perceived Scientific Consensus as a Gateway to Bridging the Climate Change Divide

Helicopter view of North Miami Beach condominiums along the ocean

In the United States, climate change is a highly polarizing topic. How can we reduce this political polarization? In our research on attitudes about climate change, we seem to have discovered an answer. When people are reminded that almost all climate scientists believe in climate change, they become much less skeptical about it. 

Bellyachers, Gripers, and Grumblers

Four people cover their faces with emoticons of surprise, ill, angry, and annoyed
Although most of us don’t like to hear other people complain, we all do it, and some people do it a lot. Research helps us understand the complainers among us.

Celebrity Fat Shaming Has Ripple Effects on Women’s Implicit Anti-Fat Attitudes

Washington, DC and Montreal, Quebec - Celebrities, particularly female celebrities, are routinely criticized about their appearance—indeed, celebrity “fat-shaming” is a fairly regular pop-cultural phenomenon.  Although we might assume that these comments are trivial and inconsequential, the effects of these messages can extend well beyond the celebrity target and ripple through the population at large.