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judgment and decision-making

A Guilty Look? Overcoming First Impressions in the Courtroom

Witness swearing on the bible telling the truth
When deciding whether a defendant is guilty, people are often swayed by their first impressions, and it is surprisingly difficult to overcome this bias.

Women’s Leadership in the COVID-19 Crisis

Senior female political leader speaking at press conference
In times of crisis, many people seek out male leaders, but female governors have been excelling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Online Dating is Heaven—and Hell

Young woman looking at cellphone
The number of options in online dating can make people more rejecting, dissatisfied, and pessimistic about love.

Why Leading is (Almost) as Important as Winning

Running men
By definition, winning is better than losing. But being in the lead for much of a contest also leaves a surprisingly positive impression on spectators.

Don’t Worry, Your Reputation Is Not at Stake

Panel of 4 Judges Showing Score Cards For Performance
Whether we’re speaking during a work meeting or bringing a dish to a potluck, we often feel like our reputation is at stake. But how much does a particular behavior actually affect how other people judge us?

The Global Self-Judgment Paradox in Student Performance

image of student doing math
Students who perform the best don’t necessarily have the highest levels of self-confidence.

The Illusion of the “Hot Hand” in Basketball – and among Monkeys

Basketball Flying in the Air
Almost everyone believes in the “hot hand” in basketball. But research shows that this belief is wrong. And we are starting to uncover why this illusion is so hard to change.

How Much of This Post Will You Read Before Making Up Your Mind About It?

businessman standing in front of wall of art
Most people will fail to anticipate how quickly they will decide how much they like this blog. And this probably applies to many other judgments.